.Celebrex Or Naproxen And Prilosec?


Asked by Ruth

.Celebrex Or Naproxen And Prilosec?

I was happily taking naproxyn twice a day until I got rotten G-I symptoms, stopped naproxyn and a week later tummy was fine. I mentioned it to rheumy who said I could switch to celebrex or take an anti-stomach acid med with naproxyn. Does anyone have experience with those and have an opinion on what works better. I am taking extra strength tylenol when I need something, but don't want too much of that as I am on MTX and enebrel.


Hi, Ruth, I used to take naproxyn and I liked the pain relief it gave, but after a few years, it tore up my stomach. I tried ibuprofen, same issue. I was finally given prevacid for gastritis, but I broke out in hives. So.........I cannot take any proton pump inhibitors. I take 150 mg of Zantac twice a day...sometimes once a day, depending on how it is going.

I remember them telling me that I was absolutely NOT to drink caffeine. Well............I try to abide by that, but once in a while I have to have a BIG diet Coke. Sigh. Chocolate is a big trigger for stomach issues, too, but we all need a little chocolate now and then, don't ya think?!? If you can take proton pump inhibitors, I hear they afford wonderful relief from GERD.

I used to take 200 mg of Celebrex a day, and it helped, but not as much as the naproxyn or ibuprofen. It also made my bp go up because it "fights" one of my bp meds.

So.......I think you need to find which combo works best for you and then stick with it. Everyone is different and everyone takes different meds that can interact and cause other problems.

Hope you find something that works well for you. It will be trial and error, I think.

Answered by Vanessa Collins