Can I Take (1) 200mg Celebrex And Tylenol For Arthurtis


Asked by Mary

Can I Take (1) 200mg Celebrex And Tylenol For Arthurtis

I have arthritis. Is it okay to take one 200 mg Celebrex and Tylenol together for my pain?


Good question. The big worry in using anti-inflammatory drugs is inadvertently combining two drugs that have similar ingredients. This can lead to overdoses - and stomach damage and/or liver damage.  You don't want to mix aspirin-like drugs with each other or acetaminophen containing drugs with each.

Tylenol and Celebrex are two different classes of drugs. Celebrex contains an aspirin-like ingredient that can damage your stomach lining. If you take too much of a tylenol-like drug (containing acetaminophen) you run the risk of damaging your liver.

If you take both of them together in the recommended doses--like you're suggesting--you shouldn't have a problem.

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