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We've written about several celebrities who have migraines, partly because we admire how much they've accomplished despite living with migraine disease. Recently, a reliable sourced told us that Mrs. Clause has migraines. Wow! We didn't know that the dear lady is one of us!

This revelation came at quite an appropriate time since it's so close to Christmas, but that also meant the Mrs. Clause is far too busy for an interview. So, I've been thinking about her lifestyle and all the triggers she might encounter. She may know what her triggers are, but I'm not sure. If she doesn't, maybe she can read this post after this busy season and discover some avoidable triggers.

Here are some triggers I think might well apply to Mrs. Clause:

  • _Sleeping _. I'm sure we can all imagine how busy she, Santa, and the elves are this time of year. During such hectic times, many migraineurs miss out on sleep, don't keep a regular schedule of getting up and going to bed at the same time every day, having their sleep disrupted, and even pulling all-nighters.
  • _Eating _. It's bound to be difficult all year to keep Santa, all the elves, and the reindeer fed, but this time of year, holy cow! I'm betting Mrs. Santa does what many of us do, which is put the needs of others ahead of our own. That would mean that she's probably not sticking to a regular meal schedule or even skipping means. She might also be grabbing the quickest things to eat and not avoiding her food triggers.
  • _Drinking _. I'm also betting that Mrs. Santa isn't drinking enough fluids to remain well hydrated. She might also be drinking to many caffeinated beverages.
  • Workshop triggers:
    • Noise. Can you imagine how much noise there must be in Santa's workshop as the elves are working? It's almost enough to trigger a migraine for me just thinking about it!
    • Lights. Between decorations and toys, the flashing, blinking, and bright lights must be approaching overwhelming. Poor Mrs. Santa!
  • Missing medications. Hopefully, Mrs. Santa is remembering to take her preventive medications correctly. Still, with such a topsy-turvy schedule, who knows?

The next time I write to Santa, I'm going to ask him to be especially watchful for Mrs. Santa's triggers. My dear husband helps me watch for and avoid whatever triggers I can avoid during hectic, crazy times. Reminding Santa to do the same for Mrs. Santa couldn't hurt.

_Can you think of other triggers Mrs. Santa could be encountering? Do you have tips for her? Please post a comment below, and share it with us! _

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