Celebrities with Multiple Sclerosis: Neil Cavuto

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Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto is my MS hero. He lives with MS the way it should be done - with gusto. When asked for advice for other MSers, Neil Cavuto says, "All I can do is live my life to the fullest, and assure them they can too."

It wasn't always that way. When he was first diagnosed with MS, he didn't believe it was true. It had been less than a decade that he survived a stint with cancer, Hodgkin's disease.

He got a second opinion, then a third before settling in to self-pitying isolation with his MS. Many of us have gone through that phase. He was a well-respected journalist so his friends were joined by businessmen and politicians who called with support, but Neil was in isolation. His wife, Mary, saved the messages until Neil was ready to hear them, respond to each of them, then compile them into More Than Money: True Stories of People Who Learned Life's Ultimate Lesson by Neil Cavuto (May 1, 2005). Cavuto shared the messages in this uplifting book for other people "dealing with difficulty." He was ready to live life with MS as one factor rather than the only factor.

My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas, so it just makes sense I would admire someone who has been so successful in his career in broadcast journalism. Neil Cavuto has contributed and anchored on NBC, CNBC, and PBS, covering feature stories and business news, but focusing on financial and market news.

Currently he hosts two daily programs and a Saturday show, in addition to his roles as senior vice president and managing editor for Fox News and Fox Business networks. His work schedule sounds ambitious for anyone, but especially for a person living with secondary progressive MS.

I especially admire his interview style. He gets the information he wants while being humble and respectful. He interrupts less often than so many others. He always seems polite, and he does not try to push his own agenda.  He often says something funny or clever that makes me laugh. When I watch him, I know he is well-prepared, he uses few technical terms or business-specific jargon, and he seems to enjoy his time with the person he interviews. His easy-going style talks to you and me and to all of us.

I am not the only admirer - Neil Cavuto was named "the best interviewer in broadcast business news" by The Journalist and Financial Reporter, and is consistently nominated for CableACE Awards. He tells Success magazine:

"I'm doing something that would be analogous to a kid running a candy shop. It really doesn't get any better than this."

Neil Cavuto's passion for life is inspiring. As a journalist, family man, and philanthropist, he beat cancer, manages secondary progressive MS, and he does it all with a smile. That sounds like a true MS hero to me.

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I relied heavily on these articles for this post - good reading.

Fox programs -

  • Your World with Neil Cavuto (4-5pm ET, M-F)
  • Cavuto (6pm ET, M-F)
  • Cavuto on Business, weekly business wrap-up (10:30-11:00AM ET, Sat.)
  • The Cavuto Money Report, for FOX News Radio

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