Celebrities with Psoriasis

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Jon Lovitz

Psoriasis is considered to be a chronic skin disorder characterized by frequent episodes of redness, itching, and thick, dry, silvery scales on the skin. There may be periods of remission but in many cases the individual may have to deal with periodic flare-ups. There is no single cause for developing psoriasis and there is also no known cure. People who are diagnosed with psoriasis must face a lifelong battle with their condition. It can be a very difficult disorder to cope with both physically and emotionally. The sufferer of psoriasis may feel that they are all alone in their battle yet it is estimated that nearly seven million Americans are currently living with psoriasis. Celebrities are included in this population of people who suffer from psoriasis. Even the rich and famous are susceptible to developing a chronic skin disorder.

Although there may be more celebrities than we know who have psoriasis, some may be reluctant to speak publicly about their condition due to the fear of stigma. The following celebrities have not only talked openly about their diagnosis, but they have also been a part of national campaigns to promote awareness about psoriasis.

Jon Lovitz

You may know Jon Lovitz as an actor, comedian, and all around funny man. But did you also know that Jon Lovitz has been living with psoriasis for over a decade? He is now part of a public service announcement educating the public about psoriasis called Are you Serious? Jon first thought that he had some sort of rash when he discovered some red spots on his skin. When the spots spread to half of his body and all over his scalp, he sought the expertise of his dermatologist. He was then diagnosed with severe psoriasis. Jon does what he does best, he uses his comedy to bring awareness of psoriasis to the general public and reduce stigma. You can check out Jon's parody of Maroon 5's song, "This Love" on the Serious about Psoriasis website.

LeAnn Rimes

When you see photos of LeAnn Rimes, the Grammy-Award-winning country music singer, you might never suspect that she suffers from psoriasis. At one point in her life, her psoriasis covered over 80% of her body. LeAnn has had to deal with her psoriasis since childhood and spent many years hiding her skin disease. But nowadays she is very vocal about her skin condition in hopes that it will inspire other sufferers to get the help and treatment they need. In a Shape Magazine interview   LeAnn talks about how she has learned to manage her psoriasis through lifestyle changes as well as treatment from her dermatologist. Some of the lifestyle changes she has adopted to help decrease psoriasis flare-ups include lowering her stress, working out, and eating a gluten-free diet. LeAnn is part of a national campaign sponsored by the National Psoriasis Foundation called, Stop Hiding and Start Living.   The primary message of this campaign is to for psoriasis sufferers to stop hiding and start learning how to manage their psoriasis with the help and support of others.

CariDee English

If you have ever watched the show, America's Next Top Model, you will recognize the name CariDee English as the winner of Cycle 7. CariDee is both a fashion model and a spokesperson for The National Psoriasis Foundation.   In an industry which is all about appearance, CariDee almost lost hope that she could pursue her dream of becoming a model. CariDee was diagnosed at the age of five with psoriasis and has been living with her skin disease for over fifteen years. For a period of time CariDee worked the runways as part of her modeling career. But in 2009 she experienced a severe flare-up which made it impossible for her to work. CariDee used her relapse as an opportunity to educate others about her skin disease. She had photos taken of her for Stylelist when she was covered with psoriasis plaques, proving that one can be both beautiful and have this skin disease. Her dermatologist recommended Stelara injections which helped to clear up her skin. You can read more about CariDee's story on the National Psoriasis Foundation website.

If you suffer from psoriasis please know that you are not alone. You don't have to suffer in silence. Talk about your disease with others so that you can gain the support you need. There are also many treatments which may help. Ask your dermatologist about which treatments may be right for your type of psoriasis. If you have a question about psoriasis or just need some support, don't hesitate to ask. We are always eager to hear from you.

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