Cellulitis and Dementia


Asked by Judi

Cellulitis and Dementia

Can the medication for cellulitis in a patient that is 89 years old speed up the process of her dementia or Alzheimer's?


Hi Judy,

Me again! Here is alittle more information about the more serious complications you can get from cellulitis. Septicaemia can occur if the bacteria that is infecting the skin and tissue gets into the bloodstream. This can lead to a condition known as septicaemia (blood poisoning). Symptoms can include fever, fast heart beat and breathing, low blood pressure which causes dizziness when they stand up, a change in mental behaviour, such as confusion, or disorientation, diarrhoea, reduced urine flow, cold, clammy pale skin, loss of consciousness.

Any of the above symptoms requires urgent medical intervention


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