Changes To One Areola


Asked by chipsanddip

Changes To One Areola

I have a cyst under my right nipple. I have noticed changes to that areola for several years. The size changes, in other words, both nipples are no longer in sync. And there are now lighter colored patches on the right as well, towards the bottom mostly, and sometimes I see a little swelling. I am waiting for the results of a biopsy in an other region of my right breast, but I am more concerned about the changes to that nipple that has never been biopsied. Would a simple cyst cause these changes? Is it normal? The variation seems to be great. Thanks very much!


Hi - I'm not a doctor, but it would seem if you have a cyst that swells and then recedes, and it's right under your nipple, it might very well push/pull the nipple out of shape, and cause those color changes by stretching the skin.

Anyway, since you've had a biopsy elsewhere in your breast, please take the opportunity to ask about this, too, when you see (or talk to) the doctor for the results. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel