Chest Discomfort & Psyllium Husks


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Chest Discomfort & Psyllium Husks


I recently have been experiencing chest discomfort, along with some symptoms of acid reflux. I exercise about 40 minutes per day and noticed that my chest discomfort increases after I finish exercising. I have scheduled some time with a doctor to address any cardiac issues that may or may not be present. However, last night I had sort of an "Aha" moment after I exercised and experienced the chest discomfort. For regularity, I take four psyllium husk (store brand Metamucil) caplets per day. I usually take these when I get home from work. I also exercise after work. I usually only take the caplets with a few sips of water. My hypothesis is that the discomfort I am experiencing is due to the psyllium expanding in my stomach, without much water, while exercising at a moderate to fast pace.

I still plan to follow through with the doctor for the heart tests, but I'm 34, and my cholesterol (183 total: 43 HDL, 116 LDL about a year ago) does not make me a significant cardiac risk. Does changing when I take the psyllium sound like something worth pursuing?



I am not a dcotor and can't daignose you, but I think you are absolutely on the right track. Get your cardiac health cleared by a dcotor, but try out changing the psyllium and see what happens. You really should be taking it with a lot more water anyway. Can you take it at lunch or maybe after you get done exercising? If you can, then take this information to your doctor; it will help with the full diagnosis.

Best of luck!

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