Chest Pains With Normal Cardiac Enzymes


Asked by Dawnm566

Chest Pains With Normal Cardiac Enzymes

I went to the ER several weeks ago with chest pains. They had me admitted to the hospital only 30 mins after getting there. Said I had every symptom of a heart attack. After spending 24 hours in the hospital they sent me home and said i had normal enzymes and sent me home with no further testing. I have high cholesteral and a strong family history of heart dease ... should I be worried and could of it still been a heart attack ??


Hi Dawnm566:

I'm glad to hear with your hospital admission that it appeared that everything was okay. Are you still having any symptoms: chest pain, shortness of breath, edema, palpitations, etc...? If so I advise you to make an appointment to be seen.

I still think it would be wise for you to follow-up with your doctor to assess what happened and what may have caused your episode of chest pain. He/She can further review the tests that were done in ER and while you were inpatient, and see if he/she feels further tests need to be done, especially with having a strong family history. Also, with cardiac enzymes, timing is very key to those results. If it is too long after a heart attack they may be normal.

Take care,