Can You Get Chicken Pox That Dont Itch


Asked by shannon

Can You Get Chicken Pox That Dont Itch

son has fever, sore throat, no appetite and red bumps that remind me of pimples from the waiste up, arms and head lots of them, drs say not pox but... sure looks like it. but they still dont know that its not because its not itching. 2 trips to the er no mono, strepp and nothing in blood work. he had vaccine but the dr said doesnt matter, could be but once again he wasn't sure. sure is frustrating when they cant give a answer.


Someone needs to give you a "for sure diagnosis" so I'd persist.

I've never heard of chicken pox not being itchy but there are a number of childhood illnesses tha have a rash as a component.

Get an opinion form another pediatrician or a dermatologist - though the negative blood titers are perplexing - I agree. I assume your son is up on all his vaccinations - measles, rubella, etc. so if that is the case - there has to be an explanation - Fifth's disease?? Hand, foot mouth disease? Some other viral process?

Do proactively try to get an answer.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.