Chili Allergy


Asked by gary smith

Chili Allergy

My son has been having sudden attacks where he throws up for days. It's seems to be after the consumes food with chile powder or cumin in it. Has anyone heard of anything simular?


Hi Gary,

It's possible to develop a food allergy or intolerance to almost anything. A food intolerance is a problem in the digestive system, while a food allergy is a problem in the immune system. Both can cause GI symptoms like you describe. You can read more about the similarities and differences here.

Since you are noticing a relationship between your son's symptoms and eating foods with chili powder and cumin, then the easiest way to approach this might be to eliminate those foods from his diet entirely and see if his symptoms go away for good. A detailed food diary could help you see other relationships too.

I'd also encourage you to have a conversation with your son's pediatrician about how he is feeling, so that you can rule out any other causes and set your mind to rest.

Good luck!


Answered by Kathi MacNaughton