Chiropractic Care

Health Writer

Chiropractic care is sometimes used to treat symptoms of ADHD. This is based on the belief that trauma to the spine occurs throughout our lives, beginning at birth and causes a misalignment of the spine. This impacts our body's ability to function properly. Another theory is that when the skull is misaligned, there is uneven pressure on certain parts of the brain. Chiropractors work to correct misalignments and proponents of this treatment claim that the realignment will help to alleviate symptoms of ADHD.

To date, there has been only one study that evaluated the results of using chiropractic care to treat hyperactivity. Dr. Joel Alcantara, a chiropractor, noted in an article, Attention Deficit Disorder, "The results of this study ... are not conclusive." Other than this study, no additional scientific information is available to substantiate the claim that this type of treatment helps, improves or cures symptoms of ADHD.

Modern knowledge of human anatomy does not agree with this assessment. Medical science has shown that the bones in the skull do not move.


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