Choking On Saliva


Asked by Jan

Choking On Saliva

I sometimes fall asleep daytimes sitting upright in a chair. My head drops forward onto my chest and I often wake up choking on my saliva and having a hard time breathing. It never happens at night while I am asleep. I sleep with several pillows under my head.


i guess my first question is -why are you falling asleep in the chair? If you are sleep deprived then you would be better served by taking a 20-45 minute daytime nap, intentionally in a supine position. It is clear that mechanically, you are somehow positionally creating a situation that is causing saliva to accumulate and then suddenly drain. I'd just make sure to schedule a power nap, lying down to avoid this. You'd be even better served finding out why you have daytime sleepiness and treating it.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.