My Cholesterol Is 205


Asked by sherilyn

My Cholesterol Is 205

My 22 and I got my cholesterol level check 2 years ago. I just had a baby and I had a very heathly pregancy. I just want to know what risk factors are involved with a cholesterol reading of 205. Is that still concidered healthy.


Hello sherilyn,

A total cholesterol reading is a high normal cholesterol. For somebody as young as yourself, at 22, I would consider some life changes to see if you can lower your numbers.

You should try several non-medication options under the guidance of your doctor. One way to loose is to lose weight if you are overweight through exercise; though difficult, I know, try to exercise at least 40 minutes at least four times per week. Stop smoking if you smoke, as smoking can raise Try to increase your intake of fiber by eating more vegetables, whole grains, beans, and fruits. Also, omega-3-fatty acids found in fish and nuts can raise HDL and lower LDL. Though drinking 1-2 (NO MORE!) glasses of red wine a day has a measurable benefit in cholesterol numbers, I would absolutely NOT do this if you are breast feeding currently.

Be sure to visit your physician yearly, so you two can monitor your cholesterol levels appropriately!

To you health,

Neil MD