Can A Cholesterol Patient Change From 10mg Atorvastatin To 5 Mg If The Level Has Reduced To 5.7?


Asked by Susan

Can A Cholesterol Patient Change From 10mg Atorvastatin To 5 Mg If The Level Has Reduced To 5.7?

my husband had high cholesterol the first time he checked. (8mmol/L). he was on medication ever since. he was asked to take 10 mg atorvastatin. the cholesterol tests done 2 months later showed that it has been reduced to 3.8mmol/L. Due to strenous work from office, he reaches home late, thereby lacking time to exercise. he had changed his medication to 5mg from 10mg and did a cholesterol test. the results showed a level of 5.7mmol/L (high). his diet is absolutely in control, for instance, he never takes red meat, never has fatty foods like egg yolks, full cream milk or products , etc. but he has an addiction for biscuits/cookies and has fried fish, sausages once a week. could the cholesterol be high due to his diet or could it be due to stress at office?he is immensely under pressure from office work. please do help me with this info and if possible also a diet that keeps him less hungry especially during tea time.


Many things can influence a person's cholesterol levels, including age, gender, genetic predisposition, level of body fat, dietary intake of fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, medication, and exercise. It sounds like you're both working hard to reduce his risks. If your husband is smoking or drinking, his first step should be to quit or reduce these habits. Biscuits, cookies, fried fish, and sausages are also surprisingly high in fat and could be contributing to his high cholesterol levels. He may want to reduce his intake to only one or two of these treats each week. Stress can definitely have a negative impact on cardiovascular health and eating habits, though reducing stress is somewhat more difficult to achieve. Your husband would probably benefit from saving a short time each day to do something he enjoys-especially if done instead of eating that comforting biscuit or cookie. A short walk, listening to his favorite music, or a long bath could help.