My Cholesterol Results Are Ok?


Asked by berk

My Cholesterol Results Are Ok?

Hello everyone!

I have been working in china,and in order to check my values while i am out of home,i went to make a blood test. The results come like this:

Total cholesterol:3.84 mmol/L

LDL:2.34 mmol/L

HDL:1.10 mmol/L

Triglycerides:0.87 mmol/L

GGT:19 U/L

ALT:34 U/L


AST/ALT:0.47 U/L

CK:82 U/L

As i usually check my values based in mg/dl i cant figure out these results,whether they are good or no? I am 28years,1.80m,and 79kg

Any help will be greatfull.

Thanks and congratulations for a nice and helpfull website.



Hi Berk,

Here are your levels converted to mg/dl.

Total cholesterol = 3.84 mmol/L = 149.76 mg/dl

LDL = 2.34 mmol/L = 91.26 mg/dl

HDL = 1.10 mmol/L = 42.9 mg/dl

Triglycerides = 0.87 mmol/L = 77.43

The American Heart Association recommends total cholesterol less than 200, LDL less than 130 (and ideally less than 100), HDL greater than 40 (ideally greater than 60), and triglycerides less than 150. So, overall you are doing well, but would benefit from increasing your HDL levels. Check out the following article for steps you can take.

Tips on How to Raise Your HDL

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN