Choosing Migraine Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

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As Valentine's Day approaches, you may find yourself shopping for gifts for people with migraine disease. While it's the thought that counts, nobody wants to give someone something that can make them ill by triggering a migraine attack.

Before shopping, it pays to be observant:

  • Does the migraineur you're shopping for wear fragrance? If so, take careful notice of which fragrance. For some of us, pretty much any fragrance can be a trigger. Others of us have particular fragrances that are migraine triggers and/or a particular fragrance that does not trigger a migraine.
  • We tend to notice foods and beverages that people like, but for people who have migraine, it's even more important to notice any that they avoid.
  • Considering taking someone out to dinner or a movie for Valentines Day? Stop and think about what you know about their activities. If they have food triggers, migraineurs usually have certain restaurants they like and certain restaurants they avoid. Noise and bright lights can be migraine triggers too, so take that into account before choosing a location or a movie.

If you don't have migraines yourself, let me tell you something about those of us who do - the fact that you put extra effort into selecting a gift or celebration that doesn't include any of our migraine triggers means the world to us. To us, that in and of itself shows how much you care for us.

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