Chronic Muscle/joint Pains For Over 10 Years...can Someone Help Please?


Asked by SCKB

Chronic Muscle/joint Pains For Over 10 Years...can Someone Help Please?

Ever since the age of 13, I have suffered a lot of muscular and joint pains. I am now 24 and every year I just seem to have problems upon problems upon problems. I was raised in and around violence to which i suffered mentally as well as physically up until three years ago. I have suffered multiple injuries due to the physical abuse, from torn ligaments to dislocated joints. I am constantly having pains in my back, shoulders, neck, legs, hands and feet to the point that I sometimes struggle to do even the basics of every day tasks.

As you can imagine, I have seen many specialists and doctors and feel like I am getting nowhere. I have had all possible tests/scans, and they all come back normal other than problems with vertebrae in the lumbar part of my spine and Osgood Schlatters Disease in both knees. The other symptoms i suffer are fatigue, lack of appetite, nausea, sleep trouble, weakness, tenderness, low moods, and stiffness. These are almost daily.

I am struggling to make a living and live my life due to this and it is getting to the point where I NEED HELP. Not one professional doctor or specialist seems to be able to point exactly what is wrong with me and I feel like I'm now going to explode. I just want to work, enjoy life and be able to be myself, but I don't seem to be getting a break at all. I have had to throw away many careers because I cannot physically do anything anymore.

The main reason I am here today is the pain. I don't get any relief, and when I do it is a very rare occasion on only small periods of time. Please help? I cannot stress how bad this feels and I cannot continue this performance much longer. I need answers or guidance and nobody seems to want to help me. Does anyone who is a healthcare professional possibly know what could be wrong and could maybe advise me how to sort this out? Many thanks.


I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble.

The muscle and joint pain, the fatigue, sleep deprivation, tenderness....and your difficult early life do suggest Fibromyalgia. A United Kingdom study found exposed to traumatic events such as accidents early in life have a higher risk for fibromyalgia later and the sleep, fatigue, problems are common in FM as well. Have some doctors suggested that?

If they haven't then you may be missing out on some drug opportunities. Drugs such as Lyrica and Cymbalta are one possibility but there are other options. Contrary to how you may feel, exercise, if done slowly and without sending you into a relapse, can help your pain significantly.

Because the stress response system seems to be out of whack in FM, stress reduction therapies can be helpful at tamping down that system and reducing your pain. One commonly used pain reduction technique is called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and there are many others. Classes are available across the country.

It's easy to get immersed in the difficulties that FM and other disorders present but, if you have FM, doing so only adds more stress- which in turn exacerbates your pain and impairs your sleep. Finding ways to destress, to relax and sleep better are critical.

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Good luck to you!