Can Chronic Pain Make Me Hate Life And Consider Suicide?


Asked by Confused 111

Can Chronic Pain Make Me Hate Life And Consider Suicide?

I have Chronic Back and Nerve Pain for years and under a lot of stress. I hate life and I don't want to be here anymore. Does any of that make sense enough that I am thinking of Suicide ?


The risk of becoming depressed goes way up when you have a chronic illness and depression is a high risk factor for suicide. When you have this kind of severe pain, suicide is not an uncommon thought at all - I know people in severe pain who deal with this commonly.

There are ways, though, to effectively deal with stress that can really help. One thing I realize is that I make judgements about a situation that cause an enormous amount of stress and that stress increases my pain; ie it's the judgement I make about the situation that adds a lot of stress.

For instance, being in pain is one issue and then there's the issue of how one reacts to that pain. If my reaction is...this really sucks..I can't take this anymore - if that's what one says to oneself repeatedly- then pretty soon EVERYTHING really sucks - even the things we used to enjoy...If you knock off that...'This really sucks' thought in midstream you would still find yourself in pain but it would just (lol) be pain and some of the depression and stress would disppear. Its very clear that stress increases if you could work on the stress aspect you might get some relief.

You might look for a course called mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) or see a therapist to get some guidance in how to deal with this so difficult situation. Good luck!

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