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Chronic Pain Patient Speaks Up and Fights Back Against the Opioid Stigma

Blogger, Chronic Mom, shares how she may have died without the use of opioids

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    “The stigma against opioids was almost responsible for my death.” -Shelley Smith, Blogger, Chronic Mom
    Shelley Smith
    Shelley Smith says she’d never be able to travel if she didn't have access to opioid pain medication.Shelley Smith
    Pamela Kaufman

    Pamela Kaufman

    Pamela Kaufman got her professional start covering health at Vogue, where she wrote two columns on news and trends as well as feature stories. Her interest in healthy eating brought her to Food & Wine, where she became executive editor. Today she writes articles about health and food, profiles courageous people living with chronic disease, and pursues all kinds of great stories. You can follow her adventures as an eater, mom, and traveler.