Chronic Pain In Upper Part Of Right Leg


Asked by concernedwife

Chronic Pain In Upper Part Of Right Leg

Chronic pain in upper part of right leg, basically around the joint area where the leg comes together with the buttock?

My husband has been having this pain since this past Wednesday. It is now Monday; so for 6 days. We have been treating it like a sprain/strain. Icing it, trying to elevate it, rest, tiger balm, patches, and ibuprofen. Absolutely nothing is helping decrease the pain. He says that it hurts most when his right knee is bent, like when he's sitting or driving. Sometimes it's so bad that he feels his leg is going to give out on him and he stumbles. The pain is constant. It never stops. I'm concerned that it's almost been a full week and he is still in this pain. Does anyone have any insight on what this could be?

Thank you.


Herniated discs, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and piriformis syndrome can all cause pain in that general area. Sacroiliac dysfunction concerns inflammation of the sacroliac joint which lies at the intersection of the pelvis and the spine. Sacroiliac dysfunction can be very painful .Piriformis syndromes involves a muscle in spasm that can cause high amounts of pain at the center of the buttocks.

Muscle strains are responsible for most of the muscle/joint pains we feel and usually resolve within a week or two. If this pain doesn't resolve or at least get significanly better then it's time to see a doctor. Good luck!