Chronic Sore Throat - Due To Gerd - No Relief With Full Dosage Medication


Asked by Swapsy

Chronic Sore Throat - Due To Gerd - No Relief With Full Dosage Medication


I have had a continuous sore throat since about 5 years now. Within the last 5 years there hasn't been a single moment without the sore throat pain and fatigue.

I started with visiting several ENTs and general physicians who took throat swabs and ruled out any infections. After no response to the strong atibiotics, all of them ruled this as acid reflux. I also visited a GI who put me on Zantacs and 2 PPIs for several months but it didn't work. Endoscopy revealed some inflammation in esophagus. the 24-hour ph test and manometry test revealed negative results - no alarming ph levels and good pressure from the LES.

The last GI put me on domperidone, Zantac and PPI. It's been 2 months, it has helped me with the heartburn but zero releif with the sore throat.

I have 24 hour fatigue due to the sore throat, continous sleepiness and lack of concentration affecting personal and work life.

I sleep on a raised wedge pillow since 2 years, but that hasn't alleviated the problem.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.



Hello! Do you know if you are a "mouth breather" meaning you breathe through your mouth at night? Mouth breathing (vs. nose breathing) can dry out the throat and cause a sore throat.

Just wondering. Jan

Answered by Jan Gambino