Chronic Uti Symptoms But No Infection?


Asked by CuriousGeorge

Chronic Uti Symptoms But No Infection?

When I get dehydrated, it feels like I have a urinary tract infection. My main issue at the moment, though, is that after having sex with my partner (it was our first time) I got a nasty UTI. At first I thought I was dehydrated and rehydrated, but after that I realized I was more than well hydrated and just had a UTI. My doctor put me on drugs for it and it went away, but as soon as I stop the meds, it returns, but without infection each time. What could be causing this?


Let me make sure I'm understanding your question: you quite often feel as though you have a UTI when you don't? And you did have a UTI recently but you feel the symptoms will not go away?  Know that I am not a doctor or a urologist so all I can do is try to research some for you.

Are you taking any other kinds of medications? I once had similar symptoms and it turned out a medication I was on was causing it.  Can you tell us more about the symptoms you experience?   You should write them down in detail so that you can take your list with you to the doctor.

Do you have any other kind of gynecological stuff going on such as a cyst or fibroid or anything which can press down on the bladder?

I worry about UTIs as I have multiple sclerosis and so I make sure to drink cranberry juice.   This is supposed to help prevent such infections and it has worked for me.

Try to approach this logically and I hope you find the cause of your symptoms. You will need help from your doctors to figure this out.

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