#ChronicLifeClub: Living Full Lives with Chronic Illness

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Make A Wish by Lene Andersen

Welcome to #ChronicLifeClub!

Have you longed for a place where you could exchange tips on how to live a full and meaningful life with chronic illness? Have you wished for a support group where you could talk about anything and everything, but haven’t found one in your community? Well, this is exactly what #ChronicLifeClub is.

Guided by myself and Britt J. Johnson (a.k.a. HurtBlogger), #ChronicLifeClub is an online support and discussion group for people living with chronic illness. It doesn’t matter what kind chronic illness you have, everyone is welcome!

Every month, we’ll pick a topic we can discuss. We can talk about accomplishments, frustrations, challenges, and finding new ways of doing new things. We hope you’ll participate and share photos of your #ChronicLifeClub projects on Twitter, the RA site Facebook page, and Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #ChronicLifeClub. We’ll feature a selection of submissions on our Facebook page, as well as on the RA site next month.

Our inaugural project for October 2015 is Creativity. Diving into something creative can be a wonderful way to cope with the challenges of chronic illness. It doesn’t matter if you have talent or skill—bad poetry and stick figures can be creative, too! And don’t forget, although practice may not make perfect, it definitely does lead to improvement.

To get you started, why not read Britt’s post on how she has used art to cope and check her tips for including getting creative.

Milky Way by Britt J. Johnson

We look forward to talking to you about creativity and seeing both your good and not-so-good projects.

How do you use creativity to cope?