Can I Take Citalopram And Sertraline Together'


Asked by vincmuir

Can I Take Citalopram And Sertraline Together'


Hi -

Has your doctor prescribed these two together or are you just exploring antidepressants? No one can answer a question like this in the abstract - prescriptions come out of a medical consultation rather than a simple rule book. But here's some general information I've gathered as someone who has taken variety of antidepressants over many years.

Both citalopram (Celexa) and sertraline (Zoloft) are SSRI's, and, as a patient, I haven't heard of two of the same type of antidepressant prescribed together. Usually, if one, e.g. citalopram, doesn't work, then another, e.g. sertraline, may be tried. If two are combined they usually target different neurotransmitters, wellbutrin, for example, targets norepinephrine and dopamine and so would complement an antidepressant that targeted serotonin. Since both citalopram and sertraline dtarget serotonin, I don't know why you would take them both.

But there are no hard and fast rules. Your prescriptions would presumably match the specific needs of your system and medical history, and those could justify two SSRI's.


Answered by John Folk-Williams