Clothes for Osteoporosis Patients

Health Professional

Osteoporosis can impose a number of serious challenges - a fear of fracture, back pain, and handling a treatment regimen and possibly its side effects. For these reasons, the toll the condition takes on one's visual appearance sometimes takes a back seat to more immediate concerns. Nevertheless, finding clothes that fit and are reasonably flattering for those with hunched backs still remains an issue - one that's about comfort and an overall sense of well-being.

That's the point made by Karen Ryan, a Minnesota-based doctor turned clothing designer who has shuttered her medical practice and now works on her prospective line of osteoporosis-friendly garments. I found out about  this impressive endeavor  from the Minneapolis  Star Tribune (in an excellent article by student reporter Karlee Weinmann) at

Ryan's been measuring subjects to get a sense of just the dimensions necessary to create outfits that will work on those whose figures have been affected by low bone mass. While  she estimates it will be years before her clothes reach the mass market, it is wonderful to see someone dedicated to the task. Hopefully Ryan will soon find the backing she needs to move forward with her unique concept.