I Have Small Bumps on my Labia Mayora. Why?


Asked by Stacey

I Have A Cluster Of Small Bumps On My Labium Mayora On My Vagina Do I Need To Constault A Doctor?

The I have not been currently sexually active and got checked out in April 2009 for stds and stis after my relationship ended and came out negative. I do shave my vaginal region. Recently I have noticed a small cluster of bumps on my Labium Mayora on my vagina. They don't hurt and just became slightly itchy. My pubic hair has just started to grow back. Also I have used Nair with in the last thirty days and it made my skin so sensetive that it chaffed and bleed a little. I was just wondering if I should constault a doctor because the bumps come and go? Do you know what they could be? Thanks so much for your time


Hello Stacey!

I have an article for you to read about bumps and lumps on the vagina. I think this may help you on your search for information.

It would be impossible for anyone to tell you what your bumps may be over the internet. It could be just a reaction to the Nair...or from shaving but only your doctor is going to know for sure. My recommendation is to get things checked out by your doctor. That way you will have peace of mind.

Thank you for your question!

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