Coconut Water: Health or Hype?


Coconut water—liquid drained from the center of coconuts—is a trendy beverage, booming in popularity in the past decade. While it’s often touted as a superfood for its hydrating benefits, as a cure for hangovers, and more, experts say it isn’t.

As reported by CNN, studies show coconut water is no more beneficial than plain water for hydration and doesn’t provide many important nutrients. One benefit: coconut water has more potassium per serving than a medium banana.

If you like the taste of coconut water—and don’t mind the cost—you can certainly drink it as part of a healthy, balanced diet, but don’t fall for unsupported health claims.

When it comes to coconut oil and coconut milk, be careful. Both of these products are high in saturated fat and calories and can raise your risk for developing high cholesterol and heart disease.

Sourced from: CNN