Coffee May Boost Exercise Endurance

Researchers at the University of Georgia have found yet another benefit to the world's favorite drug-infused drink. Coffee may improve the body's ability to expend energy longer – particularly if you’re an athlete.

Caffeine is absorbed relatively quickly once it reaches the stomach and hits peak levels in the blood one to two hours after ingestion. The stimulant is absorbed into most types of body tissue and has an effect on a wide array of systems.

Over the past few decades, scientists have gone back and forth on whether caffeine actually enhances athletic performance. And most research has focused on the effect of caffeine pills, as opposed to the consumption of coffee.

But this study found that athletes consuming two to four cups of coffee one hour before exercise saw an average improvement of 24 percent in endurance performance.

So, although more research needs to be done, indications are that caffeine in coffee form certainly does seem to improve endurance to a degree similar to caffeine pills.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Coffee might improve your endurance during exercise