College Scholarship Opportunity for Students with ADHD or Learning Disabilities

Health Writer

I was just notified of the Saralu Belkofer Scholarship. According to the website:

"In addition to a $2,000 annual scholarship fund, recipients will be given the option to become a student of Internet marketing. If the student chooses to take part, he or she will receive guidance through an ongoing internship. As someone with ADHD, internet marketing has been an incredibly powerful force in my life. It inherently magnifies my strengths and minimizes my weaknesses. For example, social media marketing is very similar to my thought, sporadic, and a bit all of the place. Effective link building and SEO often requires the type of "out of the box" thinking that my teachers would call a distraction. Web design allows me to get lost in creative thought. And on...and on. The scholarship recipient is by no means required to take part in the internship, nor are they required to have any desire whatsoever to consider Internet marketing as a profession."

In addition, there are three requirements:

1.) Applicants must be a senior in high school or attending college.

2.) Applicants must have a learning disability. Ideally, applicants will be able to provide official documentation of their disability. However, an official medical diagnosis is not required due to the often prohibitive costs of obtaining an official diagnosis.**

3.) Applicants must submit a written essay (maximum of 400 words) in which they explain why they should be chosen as the scholarship recipient. Rather than create boundaries with specific subject guidelines, we wanted to let applicants express themselves, their vision, and their individuality on their own terms.

To find out more or apply for the scholarship visit: Saralu Belkofer Scholarship

Good luck to all who apply.