Combat High Blood Pressure with Essential Herbs and Vitamins

by Alvin Hopkinson Patient Expert

Although medication has been the most popular form of treatment to combat high blood pressure, studies have introduced effective home remedies as an alternative solution. Reducing your blood pressure is essential as it may lead to heart attack, kidney disease or stroke; the three major health diseases resulting from hypertension.
Therefore, it would be beneficial to use herbs and vitamins for HBP in order to slow down the constricting of the arteries process.

Herbs and vitamins are often considered natural home remedies because they have successfully relieved the effects of this life-threatening condition. These natural remedies treat hypertension in conjunction with good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Along with reducing elevated blood pressure, the natural supplements can lower cholesterol levels and fight arteriosclerosis. This is significant in that both of these conditions work together to hardened the arteries, thereby monopolizing the effects of high blood pressure.

One of the best herbs for high blood pressure is the tumeric. Tumeric is a powerful East-Indian herb used in curry dishes. Its extract contains curcumin which is a strong anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce cholesterol while also preventing clot formation.

The ginkgo biloba derives from China. It improves blood circulation and dilates arteries to lower blood pressure.
Because the herb stimulates increased blood flow to the brain, the Ginkgo helps to improve memory and mental alertness.

Yet, another prominent supplement is the ginger root. Ginger Root is commonly used for Asian cooking. It acts to improve blood circulation and relaxes muscles surrounding the blood vessels. More so, the ginger is a powerful digestive herb; helping to eliminate nausea.

Other important nutrients used to protect your heart are vitamins. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential nutrient found in the body. The vitamin-like substance is a natural element required for the normal maintenance of the heart.

Calcium and magnesium are two popular minerals that reduce elevated blood pressure. The recommended daily amounts of these minerals are an efficient dietary source that assists women with menopause in regard to estrogen levels and men and women over age 65. Vitamin E helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease. And, the combination of Vitamin E and C may actually delay the progression of atherosclerosis.

The National Institution of Health provides dietary recommendations to decrease your risk of becoming a victim of this condition. They also suggest supplementation recommendations which are significantly effective. If balanced perfectly, taking herbs and vitamins for high blood pressure will ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefits for your body.

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