Combination Of Wellbutrin And Luvox


Asked by Hope

Combination Of Wellbutrin And Luvox

Hi I have had two different opinions on the combination of wellbutrin and luvox.I currently take wellbutrin 300XL.My cnp has suggested taking luvox 100mg with wellbutrin XL 300mg.The luvox would possibly be helpful with negative thoughts.I recently completed a ten day outpatient hospitizalition group treatment plan.The psychiatrist at the program questioned that combination and did not see it as a good one.Who should I believe? Has anybody had any experience with that combo? THANKYOU FOR YOUR HELP.


Hi there

This is a good question. I am thinking that your best bet is to talk to each doctor and ask directly about what the advantages and disadvantages of such a combination are. So you have not started on this combo yet? Is the Luvox for panic attacks? OCD? Find out why it was prescribed in the first place and also what interactions you can expect from taking these two meds at the same time.

In the meantime here is an interesting message board where people discuss Luvox.

Let us know what happens.

Answered by Merely Me