Can I Combine Afrin With Theraflu?


Asked by inc11

Can I Combine Afrin With Theraflu?

Theraflu hasn't eased my extremely severe congestion. Can't breathe out of my nose at all. Can I use Afrin as well? (I know not to take Afrin for more than 3 days).


Hi Inc11, Theraflu contains a combination of drugs that target different symptoms associated with the common cold or flu. Different formulations (for example "night" and "day") contain different combinations of active ingredients. I'm not certain which one you have. Each formulation contains a small dose of decongestant. Afrin is also a decongestant which works at the inner surface of the nose but has some potential side effects, especially if taken too long (as you addressed). I can't advise you without knowing more (your age, other illnesses you may have, other medications you are taking etc.). In fact, I cannot provide specific medical advice to you through this medium. I recommend talking to your local pharmacist or family physician. Best Wishes, James T.

Answered by James Thompson, M.D.