How Do I Comfort A 3 Year Old With A Migraine?


Asked by Bettina

How Do I Comfort A 3 Year Old With A Migraine?

How do I comfort a 3 year old with a migraine?

I feel so awful about this because I passed my migraines on to my baby. She's only 3, but her pediatrician says she's having migraines. The first time, I found her hiding in a corner behind a chair, holding her head and crying. Thank goodness our pediatrician was in!

He told me to give her children's Advil and make her room dark and quiet. I'm also to give her children's Benadryl if the migraine is very bad or she's very restless or upset. I understand all of that, but thought maybe someone would have suggestions for comforting her while I pray that she goes to sleep until it's over. This would be hard no matter how old she was, but with her so very young, it's even harder.

Please help!



Oh, Bettina!

I can imagine how you feel. We have three grandchildren with Migraines. Alexandra was only 2-1/2 when she had her first one. It makes you feel so helpless! Try not to feel awful about passing Migraines on to your little one. She will have an easier time of it than you have, as will each generation to come.

There are definitely things you can do to comfort her and help her get to sleep:

• Keep some little gel packs in your freezer - the pretty little ones shaped like animals and the like.

• If you haven't already, install darkening blinds on the windows in her room.

When she gets a Migraine, get a couple of gel packs and take her to her room. If her bed is big enough, lie down beside her. If not, keep a chair beside it. Close the blinds and put her to bed. Put the gel packs on her head or neck -- wherever they feel good to her. Stay in physical contact with her. Gently rub her back or her leg. Just let her know you're there, and she'll feel better when she wakes up.

If she gets nauseous, some ginger ale (with real ginger, not just flavoring) or some peppermint tea may help.

If she has a favorite doll or stuffed animal, make sure she has it.

Essentially, anything that comfots her will help during a Migraine. Add dark and quiet to those things.

Hope this helps,


Answered by Teri Robert