Coming Soon: Painless Flu Vaccine Patch?

Rob Felt, Georgia Tech

A painless “microneedle” patch may be a safe and effective alternative to current flu vaccines, according to results of a phase 1 clinical trial, which were published in The Lancet. The flu vaccine patch produced a good immune system response, and about 70 percent of patients in the study preferred it.

The dissolvable patch is approximately the size of an adult thumbprint and contains 100 tiny needles with dried flu vaccine on them. The patch is placed on the back of the wrist and pressed down upon with the thumb until a click sound is produced. After 20 minutes, the microneedles have dissolved, the vaccine has been released into the body, and the patch can be removed and disposed of. Some study participants experienced a mild tingling sensation, followed by itching and redness at the application site.

The patch also does not require refrigeration and was shown to be stable for up to a year. Researchers from Emory University School of Medicine in Georgia and Georgie Institute of Technology were involved in the study of the patch, which is manufactured by Micron Biomedical.

Sourced from: Live Science