Check Out Our All-New Tales From the Chemo Chair Video Series!

Sabrina Skiles is spilling the beans about what really happens when you’re diagnosed with breast cancer. (Answer: You cry, you get tough, you buy a fab wig.) Hang with her as she starts her journey through breast cancer treatment.

In our new video series launching today, HealthCentral’s Sabrina Skiles lets viewers get up close and personal with her fight against breast cancer. From chemo appointments to shedding her hair, Skiles gives us an intimate look at what it’s really like living with this disease as a young mother (who also happens to be battling psoriasis—talk about all the luck!). Take a look at our first three episodes and get ready to be an eye witness to a year-long crazy ride as Skiles works her way back to good health. This is one journey you won’t want to miss.