Is It Common For A Migraine To Last 2 Weeks Straight?


Asked by Jeanerz

Is It Common For A Migraine To Last 2 Weeks Straight?

My 16 year old son has had a debilitating headache for two weeks. Is this common? All medical tests have been negative and we don't know what to do. He takes 800 mg Motrin every 6 - 8 hours which provides minimal relief.


Hi Jeannerz,

No, it is not common for a Migraine to last two weeks, and shouldn't. I'm glad to hear his tests have come back normal. At this point, stopping this headache or Migraine that you've had for six months needs to be a priority. When oral medications have failed, IV infusions will often break the cycle. For more information about this, see IV Treatment of Refractory Migraines.

Seeing as your son is taking something every day to relieve his headaches, he may unwittingly be causing another type of headache called medication overuse headache. Taking any kind of pain medication like Motrin or triptans and even prescription or over-the-counter medications, more than two or three days a week can make matters worse. See Medication Overuse Headache - When the Remedy Backfires for more information on this.

If your doctor isn't able to help your son, it may well be time to consult a Migraine and headache specialist. It's important to note that neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine and headache specialists. Take a look at the article Migraine and Headache Specialists - What's So Special? If you need help finding a

check our listing of Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists.

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Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk