Is It Common That Migraine Symptoms Change Over Time?


Asked by jshaxton

Is It Common That Migraine Symptoms Change Over Time?

I have had migraines since I was about 13. They used to be just massive headaches with sensitivity to light and sound that appeared about monthly. They gradually became worse with occurrances as much as 3 times per week lasting many hours. I thought I had them under control with an herbal supplement.

Last week I got a new symptom. I experienced a visual impairment and then had a major speech impairment where words didn't make sense and at one point, I coudn't communicate at all. Is it normal for the symptoms to escalate or for migraines without auras morph into those with auras?


Hi, jshaxton,

It's not at all unusualy for Migraine symptoms to change over time. However, whenever they do, it's important that we check with our doctors to be sure that's what's happening. Especially with symptoms such as those you describe, I hope you'll contact your doctor soon. These are symptoms that could be Migraine or other issues such as stroke or TIA.

Please keep us posted?

Good luck,


Answered by Teri Robert