Is Taking Ultran / TramaDol for Severe Back Pain Common?


Asked by jay dorsey

How Common Is The Use Of Ultran/tramadol For Severe Back Pain

I have spina bifida along with two herrington fusions. Sadly, they were not successfully fused, and I'm in pain. I'm just getting established with a new pain doctor. He put me on 50 mg of Ultram but I haven't felt relief yet. How soon do you start to notice the effects of this medication?


Ultram or tramadol is commonly used for back pain, though people have mixed opinions on how well it works. General recommendations for Ultram are 1-2 50 mg. tablets every 4-6 hours for severe pain with no more than 8 pills a day.

Ultram's effects can wane after a few weeks in some people, which suggests that it should take effect fairly quickly but I was unable to get a good answer on that. There is generally a phase-in period if you're going to be taking higher doses of the drug so if you're in the beginning of that you won't be seeing all the effects of the drug.

If you're looking for a specific answer you can call your pharmacist--they should know more about how quickly you'll be able to feel pain relief.

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