Should I Be Concerned If I Have Tingling Fingers


Asked by Brad

Should I Be Concerned If I Have Tingling Fingers

I have slight tightness in my chest and my fingers on both hands are tingling like they are asleep. I am a 43-year-old man with slightly high blood pressure. Thanks.



Thanks for your question. It's tough to say whether the tingling fingers may be associated with the possibility of heart disease, but your chest tightness is a real concern. You already have at least one risk factor, your hypertension, and I suggest you call your physician for an appointment as soon as possible to have this evaluated. Your doctor will ask several questions, examine you, and then perform an electrocardiogram. Then he will be in the best position to determine whether your symptoms may be related to your heart.

If you cannot be seen soon and you are experiencing chest tightness that is lasting more than 15 minutes, I suggest to go to the emergency room for an evaluation. It is best to be safe, than take any risks, should this be caused by your heart.

Best wishes and feel better.

Martin Cane, M.D.

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