Been Confirmed Problem With Heart Now Tight Chest Dry Cough


Asked by dayna

Been Confirmed Problem With Heart Now Tight Chest Dry Cough

I recently had a 24-hour holter monitor, my doctor referred me to a cardiologist next month. Over the past four weeks I've had more tightness in my chest and a dry, persistant cough which gets worse at night. I am going on holiday in two weeks. Should I see my doctor again before I fly or just wait for an appointment with my cardiologist? I feel like I'm making a fuss, as I have already got a referral. My husband tells me to wait and see what the cardio says, because he knows more, but I'm feeling weaker each day. I am trying to carry on as usual though. Advice?



Thanks for your question. Doctors take the symptom of chest pain very serious, and in your situation, your doctor is already concerned that you may have a cardiac problem. Females manifest heart disease in many more ways than males, and doctors know this.

Because your symptoms have progressed, I suggest you contact your physician to be seen as soon as possible. You should have this problem fully evaluated before going on holiday, where you will be in different surroundings, and doctors will not be familiar with your situation, not to mention that your mind will be pre-ocuppied with your symptoms.

Hopefully, this is all due to something that is not serious. Better to be safe.

Best wishes.

Martin Cane, M.D.