Is There A Connection Between Hernia And Elevated Psa?


Asked by JIm

Is There A Connection Between Hernia And Elevated Psa?

I have a hernia and have recently had an elevated PSA score. Could there be a connection?


Hi Jim

I have not seen anything that suggests a hernia would be responsible for an elevated PSA but I have seen a couple posts about people who did not know they had hernia's until they had a prostate exam as the result of an elevated PSA. One of those posts written by Paul Durham is here. Paul's original issue was blood in the semen and during a regular prostate exam they found a hernia Paul did not know about.

You can also click here to read about PSA tests, and what the numbers mean. Age is a factor when determining PSA level too, because older men usually have higher numbers that are considered within normal levels.

I hope this information helps when it is time to speak to your doctor. Online help is great for gathering facts that help you ask all the right questions, but they can not take the place of your doctor's solid medical advice.

Vicki M