Constant Foot/toe Pain, Nothing Rellieves It.


Asked by Dawn

Constant Foot/toe Pain, Nothing Rellieves It.

I have had constant toe and foot pain(close to my big toe and second one) for months now. At first my doctor said it was gout, then hammer toe. Nothing has eased my pain, not even changing shoes. The pain often spreads up my leg too, and my foot is usually very warm. What could this be?


If your primary care physician cannot find the problem, it's time to see a specialist -; either an orthapedic doctor or a podiatrist.

In the meantime, you can take a look at our foot pain section to see if any of the descriptions sound like the problem you're having: Foot Pain

Also try our Symptom Checker. It has quite a bit on various foot pain problems.

And here are some links on pain management that might be useful. Good luck!

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