Constant Joint Pain, Frequent Urination At Night. Extremely Tired?


Asked by pat

Constant Joint Pain, Frequent Urination At Night. Extremely Tired?

Im 26, and suffer from constant joint pain, frequent urination. I'm incredibly tired all the time. Seems like the smallest activity wears me out. Can someone help please? I also seem to injure myself whenever i try to work. Shoulders, back, knees, u name it.

Im begining to not be able to deal anymore, jus need some help.


Have you seen a doctor? You really need to see a doctor. At the very least they can determine if something really serious is going on. (I know it's serious but I mean a serious medical condition that needs immediate attention).

Diseases like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can cause all those symptoms. In FM the pain system is so ramped up that you can experience pain - ie feel like you've injured yourself - when no injury has actually occurred. This could be why you feel like you're constantly injuring yourself. I've heard of people with yeast or other infections having symptoms similar to yours but its all conjecture.

If your doctor rules out all the major stuff and still doesn't have an answer then you might want to look into FM and CFS. If your traditional MD doesn't help you might want to investigate alternative minded MD's. They seem to have a better handle on fatiguing and painful disorders.

You might want to check out the Check a Symptom box on the upper left hand side of many Health Central pages and see what it says. Good luck!