I Have A Constant Pain In My Breast. Could I Have Breast Cancer?


Asked by Jill

I Have A Constant Pain In My Breast. Could I Have Breast Cancer?

I had a mammogram two years ago because of slight breast pain. The mammogram came back normal -; and the pain subsided. I'm now due for another mammogram and the pain has returned -; this time worse. My breasts appear and feel normal, aside from the pain. Is it possible I have breast cancer, and the pain means it's spreading?


Thankfully, breast pain is VERY seldom a symptom of breast cancer. And symptoms lasting two years (without a mammogram showing anything, and without you being able to feel a lump) simply doesn't sound like cancer. Instead, breast pain is often hormonal; or due to fibrocystic change, a condition that produces pain, but isn't serious or dangerous.

It's understandable you're frightened. But considering the odds (all on your side), please try to stay calm. Fear and worry do absolutely nothing besides make you feel bad. So try to stay busy while you wait for that next mammogram. And believe that, once again, you're going to get good results.

One more thing: have you thought about seeing a breast specialist? It would be nice to get that pain taken care of for good. Please ask your doctor for a referral, OK?

Answered by PJ Hamel