Constant Pain Inside Back Of Knee After Hysterectomy


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Constant Pain Inside Back Of Knee After Hysterectomy

No injury! Constant pain inside back of left knee and a few inches above, pain increases when sitting, pain is very strong/unbearable when squatting/bending knee. Pain noticed 2 weeks after 1988 hysterectomy, when bending at the knee. I mentioned to GYN, was told it was not related to surgery, just to take it easy. Was 32 then, 53 now. Over the years, mentioned to GPs many times, had xrays, etc, "all fine". I only have some relief when leg is in a straightened position, otherwise have just been living with it for 20+ years. Driving or Flying is barely tolerable, have to shift to right side and straighten left leg. Couple of months ago Husband and I made a desk riser for my computer at work, so I can stand 75% of my work day, and minimize the pain somewhat. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you.


I am betting that you had a VAGINAL hysterectomy which means that you spent some time ( 1-2 hours by my estimate) in the stirrups. The stirrup position can place stress on the knees if it is not positioned properly. Improper positioning during surgery can cause injury to joints and nerves, that are completely unrelated to what is being operated on. I have been in the operating room, I have seen it happen. Usually, the doctors and nurses take great care to flip you, turn you, bend you, etc in order to get you in the right positon for surgery.

Can you go back and proven something happened in the OR? Probably not, it is probably not documented as an "incident".The past is the past, leave it there.

See a knee specialist and move on to a solution.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD