Is Constant Throat Clearning acid Reflux or Sinus Congestion?


Asked by Rainlizard

Constant Throat Clearing. Is It Acid Reflux Or Sinus Congestion?

I constantly have clear phlegm in my throat and have to clear my throat all the time. I can be talking and suddenly my voice is muffled and I need to clear my throat a few times - it's embarrassing! When I went in about 5 years ago about this, my GP sent me to a specialist. The specialist put me on Priolsec OTC for acid reflux even though I do not have any heartburn or other symptoms of GERD. He kept changing the doses and what time of day I should take it and even added an additional acid reducer also but my symptoms didn't go away. I stopped taking the meds after many doctor visits and I have just been living with this ever since.

The last few years, I have become prone to sinus infections after a cold and my GP has told me to use the NetiPot every day. If I get sinus headaches or think I have an infection he suggests using Clariton and increase the NetiPot to 3 times a day until the symptoms go away (he won't prescribe antibiotics anymore). I have never been diagnosed with allergies or asthma - just sinus issues after seasonal colds and occasional sinus pressure. Could the constant phlegm and muffled voice be something due to my sinus issues rather than acid reflux?


Unfortunately, it could be either or both! I wrote a sharepost on this very issue. It took me years to realize that my frequent laryngitis and constant throat clearing was due to reflux.

You also might go to an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist.

Best of Luck - Stephanie

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