Constipation, Profuse Sweating, Nausea = My Weekly Hell


Asked by skylined87

Constipation, Profuse Sweating, Nausea = My Weekly Hell

I have been experiencing these symptoms for the past 2 years. I am currently taking methadone, and all of this kind of started about a year after I joined the clinic. I was formerly a heroin/hydromorphone addict but before I started taking methadone this has never happened to me. I have no insurance and no job because this happens to me at least 1 or 2 times a week now. I am taking 20mg a day now (down from 140mg) and its as if I am more constipated now than when I was taking more. I also have been taking docusate sodium every day, polyethylene glycol every 2 or 3 days, and glycerine suppositories 1 or 2 times a week when I get really stopped up. Every time I get sick it is right when I wake up in the morning. Of course I feel extremely constipated so I try to use the bathroom. Usually I have to go up to 5 times in a 2-3 hr period, each time not much coming out and it is usually very hard and in balls or pellets. But after I use the bathroom I start feeling nauseous, and so begins my 1-6 hr battle through hell with my body. I start sweating so profusely that I completely soak my shirt and boxers and the sheets on the bed in a matter of minutes. Also my girlfriend has told me that my sweat will smell like feces on those days. I start going through extreme waves of nausea and dry heaving, and I also keep burping up a seemingly endless supply of air, each burp making the nausea/heat wave subside a little bit more. Plus i'm breathing so rapidly and my heart is racing i feel like its gonna explode. And on the really bad days my hands and toes start to get numb, like its not getting enough circulation or something. After the wave ends I get extremely cold until the sweating/heaving process starts again every 5-7 minutes or so. This continues from around 6am to about noon on the worst days. The only thing so far I have found that helps it is a combination of forcing bowel movements, taking my dose, taking scalding hot showers for hours at a time, and drinking milk or eating meat to get something in my stomache (but i can only do this once my body will allow me to get it down. As far as the showers, this is the only relief I can get from the nausea waves which is weird because I have to turn the shower on super hot, but when I get the nausea waves it is heat that makes me puke but when the wave subsides I cool down. So I dont understand why really hot water running over makes the waves stop temporarily. But as soon as I step out of the shower the waves come back again, so I go and lay back down. This whole 5-6 hr period I am constantly going from the toilet, to the shower, to the bed...I can never be content in one place. As time goes by and as I keep going to the bathroom the waves get spaced farther apart and become less intense. Finally, after 6 hrs of torture and begging God to take this sickness away I am able to fall back asleep, then I usually wake up an hour or so later and I still feel squeamish but I am near back to normal. I am not a suicidal person, but in the middle of these episodes I feel so horrible I feel as if I dont want to live anymore, not if I have to deal with this. I have heard many theories, ranging from diabetes or low testosterone due to the methadone. I have not been to a doctor for this yet because I dont have any money or insurance, and I still have outstanding bills at various local hospitals. But I cant take this anymore, I need help!!! Sorry for the horrible grammar and run-on sentences, it is late and im too lazy to try to type this properly. :/


Hi Skylined87:

I'm sorry to hear the situation and the misery you are in. It is hard saying what is going on without you being professionally assessed. It very well could be a small obstruction in your bowel that is causing all the symptoms, even though you are on stool softeners constrictions can still happen, especially since you are still describing your bowels as very hard and small pellets. Things that can also help with constipation is drinking lots of fluids and eating a high fiber diet (fruit, grains, vegetables, nuts, etc...)

If there is an obstruction though you need to see a doctor. With the episodes you have been having and how long it's been going on, it is best for you to call the clinic. I know finances may be tough for you but clinics can't turn you away just because you have outstanding bills. The only way clinics can say no is if you had been fired from the clinic. Then your doctor can review your medications and past medical history, assess you and then give the best recommendation.

Good luck and take care,