Why Am I Suddenly Having More Frequent Outbreaks?


Asked by Allaina

I Contracted Herpes On My Mouth & Genitals When I Was 18, I Am Now 31. Usually I Get One Cold Sore Or Genital Outbreak Every 6 Mths. However, For The Past 3 Weeks, I've Had 4 Genital Outbreaks, & 20

I contracted herpes on my mouth & genitals when I was 18, and I am now 31. Usually I get one cold sore or genital outbreak every 6 months. However, for the past 3 weeks, I've had 4 genital outbreaks, & 20
outbreaks on my lips. What gives? Did I contract a new strain? Is it just stress, poor diet, and a not so good immune system? I saw my Dr. today and he said that some people get them constantly for their whole lives. My Dr. wanted to start me on Valtrex but my insurance won't cover it and because the cost is over $100 I can't afford to buy it. Help! I'm scared and depressed.


Hi Allaina,

I'm sure you've found an answer by now, but I wanted to chime in here in case this is helpful to anyone else. It could be that your outbreaks are being exacerbated by a weak immune system and stress. I'm sure worrying about it doesn't help either, though it's completely understandable. If you can't be on an antiviral immediately, you may find that treating the symptoms and trying to improve your overall health could lead to improvement.

Good luck!