Can The Cough Variant Asthma Sound Like Croup?


Asked by Tess

Can The Cough Variant Asthma Sound Like Croup?

Can croup like cough be cough variant asthma? My 7.5 year old son was diagnosed several years ago with CVA. When he has a flare up it look/sounds like croup, only lasts a week, responds to steroids and inhalers. He usually flares up in response to an URI, and triggers once flaring are cold and exercise. Is there anything other than the typical asthma care plan that we should be aware of? Can you tell me if there is a reference I can read/bring to the ER?


Hi Tess,

Cough variant asthma generally causes a dry cough, without wheezing. Croup is usually described as a "barking" cough, often with a squeaking sound on inhaling. But it can be difficult for a parent to tell the difference. And the underlying problem, an inflammation of the airways is similar in both conditions.

We do have an article here on CVA.

For more detailed questions, you may want to discuss your son's condition with his doctor.

Good luck!


Answered by Kathi MacNaughton